Saturday, January 29, 2022

Book Review: MURDER IN WHITE LACE (Bridal Shop Mysteries) by Karen Sue Walker


What’s worse than a bridezilla for a client? A dead one! 

Max Walters is a talented bridal consultant with big dreams. Her plan is to move to New York to become a fashion designer, even if it means leaving her serene California seaside home. When a shocking murder rips the tranquil veneer of Crystal Shores to shreds, and Max’s childhood friend is accused of murder, she sets out to clear his name. Despite the concern of the handsome Detective Cruz, Max weaves together a list of suspects that puts her on the path to the real killer. 

Will she be able to tie up the loose threads and catch the murderer? Or will she be the next victim? 


Max is in charge for the bridal shop, while her boss is on vacation. Not a problem as she's the one who helped design and create the dresses that need to be picked up or fitted. Only one bride has made multiple changes and not been receptive to Max's advice. The same bride has done the same thing with the florist, the baker, and anyone else involved in the wedding. When Bridezilla is due for a late appointment, Stacy from the bakery shows up with the cupcakes for the bride, who missed her appointment. Next thing Max knows, Bridezilla is dead in her wedding gown.

As Max tries to prove her childhood friend/crush, Andy, is innocent despite the detective's belief otherwise, Keiko shows up and asks for a job so she can learn the trade. Keiko is a little too perfect. as a walk-on, but a great help to Max as she takes time off to search out the real killer. As expected with a victim who made everyone angry and a friend trying to find other suspects, the suspect list is long.

This was an enjoyable read, with likable characters. Max's efforts to find someone, anyone who might have a motive besides Andy complicates things a bit. Still, the pace is steady and while not surprising, the killer is not obvious - not until about to kill Max anyway. This is the first in the series and I look forward to reading more of the Bridal Shop Mysteries and the possible romance between Max and Detective Cruz. This one was FREE when I purchased it; also available on Audible

The Bridal Shop Mysteries 

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About the Author 

Karen Sue Walker is the author of the Bridal Shop Cozy Mystery Series and the Haunted Tearoom Cozy Mystery Series. For 2022, she's planning to share many more stories. Sign up for her mailing list or follow her here on Amazon. When not writing or thinking about writing, she enjoys baking, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.

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