The release of The Mysterious Package in October 2016 marked the launch of the Hannah and Tamar Mystery series, a new mystery series for young adults and teens written by Christa Nardi and Cassidy Salem. The first book introduced Hannah and Tamar, sisters with a knack for mystery.  Hannah is a senior in high school and Tamar is a junior. 

Since then four additional books have been released:  Mrs. Tedesco’s Missing Cookbook in April 2017,  The Misplaced Dog  August 2017, Malicious Mischief in April 2018, and Mayhem on the Midway in March 2020..  You can read about each of the books below. 

About Mayhem on the Midway

It's the time and place, but it's not all fun and games.

Emotions run high at Rosedale High as Tamar and her friends plan the junior class's year-end fundraiser - a school fair set to involve students, staff, and the community. Even when a series of puzzling incidents put a friend and their plans at risk, the teens are not deterred. They are determined to pull off a spectacular fair and help the police identify the source of the mayhem on the midway.

About Malicious Mischief

Social media, smoke bombs, and a secret society.

When a popular jock senses something’s up with his younger sister, he turns to local teen sleuths, Hannah and Tamar, for help. At the same time, a rash of smoke bombs attacks across Rosedale has the community on edge. Are these events connected and could someone at Rosedale High be involved?
Join Hannah and Tamar as they uncover malicious mischief and forge new friendships in this mystery for teens and young adults.

Teen detectives April 18, 2018
A story dealing with a problem facing teens today. Cyber bulling. Great character development and teens helping teens.

Another great book for YA's April 18, 2018
Like the other books in the Hannah and Tamar Mystery Series, this book is enjoyable.
It is about the sisters and how they solve a new mystery - this time cyberbullying,
which is highly relevant for teens today, and even adults.
I think this is my favorite book so far, and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

About The Misplaced Dog

A gorgeous addition places Playful Paws and its staff at the center of a mystery.

It’s love at first sight when Tamar meets Rusty – the newest resident at the local shelter where she volunteers. However, the arrival of the well-trained and affectionate dog coincides with the onset of suspicious and dangerous incidents involving the shelter and its staff. Is it a coincidence or is the dog the key to solving a major crime? In this latest addition to the Hannah and Tamar mystery series, the sisters are determined to find out.

If Only Dogs Can Talk August 28, 2017 

Cute mystery for young teens. It's just the right length to keep anyone's interest without extra fluff and filler, and yet tell a full and complete story. I loved it because Playful Paws sounded like such a great doggie place with responsible and dog-loving teens volunteering there. This story gives a good lesson about staying in school, doing your schoolwork and volunteering for the community. And it had a great mystery too. With such lovable characters, I can see this series becoming a best seller.

Great Characters (Human and Canine) and Interesting Mysteries--This Series is a Pleasure! August 15, 2017 

Love this series. I am some 50 years past the teenaged years and have enjoyed the first two books. Have snagged the next one and am looking forward to reading it!    

The Misplaced Dog is available on AMAZON in kindle and paperback.

About Mrs. Tedesco’s Missing Cookbook

A simple request opens up a savory mystery.

Hannah never imagined her high school service project with the elderly would draw her into another mystery. Mrs. Tedesco, a lonely widow who loves to bake, has just one simple request — that the teen retrieve her cookbook from her old house. Easier said than done. The house has been ransacked and the coveted cookbook is nowhere to be found. Eager to help the woman, Hannah and her sister, Tamar, are driven to locate the cookbook and uncover its secrets. But the teens aren’t the only ones seeking the cookbook’s hidden treasures, and the other side is playing for keeps.

What a fun mystery April 25, 2017 

This book took me back more than 55 years to when I used to read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. It's nice to find books with out all the sex and violence. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great mystery.      

Enjoyable new YA Cozy Series Keeps Getting Better July 10, 2017 

When two of my favorite cozy mystery authors told me about their collaboration to create a new YA series, the Hannah and Tamar mysteries, I was super excited and ready to review! I have read Cassidy Salem’s two books in her Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth series, and two of Christa Nardi’s Cold Creek series, and I enjoy each author’s unique style and characters. As Cassidy explained to me about the new young adult series featuring two teen sisters, I realized (and got confirmation) that the two authors are also sisters. The C-Sisters! That made reading the books even more appealing – how cool to write a series with a sibling! (Check out my blog for an interview with the authors and reviews of their books:

I was a faithful Nancy Drew reader growing up and as an adult, I have even read some of the new iterations of that series. I was expecting something along those lines in Hannah and Tamar, the main characters of the C-Sisters’ series. Though that influence is there (the C-Sisters are also Nancy Drew fans), the Hannah and Tamar books have their own vibe. The girls aren’t really as much sleuths as problem-solvers, and I like that each girl not only uses her own strengths to figure out dilemmas and get answers, but each also knows when to get help. The books are a quick read at around one hundred pages and so far, they are stand alone. Apart from the girls and their parents, there aren’t even any repeat characters from book one to book two. My hope is some of these same characters show up again in the next book, The Missing Dog (coming August 2017).  ...

Mrs. Tedesco's Missing Cookbook is available on AMAZON for kindle and paperback.   

About The Mysterious Package

Two sisters, a train ride, and a mysterious package.

Hannah and Tamar are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving break with their grandparents. On the long ride to Vermont, the sisters are quick to offer assistance when a fellow passenger – a girl in her late teens – is hassled by a rough-looking young man. Grateful as she may be for their help, Gwen is in no hurry to make friends, not even as she thrusts a mysterious package into Tamar’s hand and disappears in the Rutland train station. Puzzled by her behavior, Hannah and Tamar set out to locate Gwen and unravel the secret of the mysterious package.

The Mysterious Package is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

The Mysterious Package received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite. Check it out here.

Lovely book! March 9, 2017 

This is a lovely book for young girls. I liked both Hannah's and Tamar's personalities, and their relationship with their grandparents is great.The sisters are trying to solve a mystery and it's a fun read. This is a sweet and family oriented book.

The author has an easy way of writing that I really like, and the book is very well written. I'm waiting for the next book!

Vibes of Nancy Drew August 22, 2017 

A gentle mystery with vibes similar to the Nancy Drew stories. What is in the package that had been thrust into their possession? Is it a ploy to exhort money? The girls more or less just let things unfold on their own. If you ever read the Drew or Hardy books then this will be a good trip down memory lane. 

Maybe Nancy Drew should start looking over her shoulder.... May 22, 2017 

One of the nice things about reading teen/tween books as an adult is getting to BE twelve years old again. This book really did that for me. Clearly, there’s an effort here to recreate an earlier style. One of the characters, cousin Janine, even comments, “So Hannah, all this interest in criminology? Do you see yourself playing Nancy Drew?” Truthfully, I saw this as less Nancy Drew and more Bobbsey Twins. The sisters, although not twins – darn close. The balanced pair of boy “friends” Dylan and Matt. Very much in the style of the classic Bobbsey Twins, but with the hipper attitude and willingness to take risks of Trixie Belden.

Note: Reviews here can be seen on Amazon (except the Reader's Favorite). 

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