Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Blog Tour and Spotlight: DAUNTING DARKNESS & FREAKY FAMILIARS (Paige Papillon Mysteries) by Lily Luchesi

Synopsis - Daunting Darkness  

Following your dreams can become a nightmare. 

Paige Papillon has always loved mysteries. So much so, she enlists in the Police Academy to one day become a detective. 

But when she washes out of training, her Sergeant inspires her to go another route: become a private investigator. 

After a few boring cases, she receives an envelope full of cash and mysterious clues that lead to the discovery of a cover up of paranormal proportions. 

Worse, the Sergeant's wife is at the center of it. Can Paige solve the mystery and stay alive, or will she become a midnight snack for a monster? 

Synopsis - Freaky Familiars 

No time for a catnap for this paranormal detective! 

Now aware that things that go bump in the night exist, private investigator Paige Papillon has expanded her business to include clients of all species. 

Assisted by a former detective and his mystery writer wife with a checkered past, she begins to settle into her new job as Chicago’s premier paranormal PI. 

But when her best friend’s cat goes missing, Paige realizes how much she still doesn’t know about the supernatural world. It’s a race against the clock to save a shapeshifter and prevent a witch’s familiar from being sold to the highest bidder. 

About Lily Luchesi

Lily Luchesi is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Paranormal Detectives Series. Her young adult Coven Series has successfully topped Amazon’s Hot New Releases list consecutively. She is also the co-owner of Partners in Crime Book Services, where she offers a myriad of services alongside her business partner Annie Smith, including editing. 

She was born in Chicago, Illinois, where many of her stories are set. Ever since she was a toddler, her mother noticed her tendency for being interested in all things “dark”. At two she became infatuated with vampires and ghosts, and that infatuation turned into a lifestyle. She is also an out member of the LGBT+ community. When she’s not writing, she’s going to rock concerts, getting tattooed, watching the CW, or reading comics. And drinking copious amounts of coffee. She also writes contemporary books for adults as Samantha Calcott. 

You can keep up with Lily via her newsletter … and receive a free e-book as well! 

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