Saturday, January 15, 2022

Book Review: DEATH BY DAUBER (Thelma and June's Mystery Adventures Book 1) by Donna Walo Clancy


Bingo players are a feisty lot, and Thelma Frost is the queen of feisty. 

When Agatha Tram, a wealthy, local newspaper owner is found unconscious in a bathroom stall with dauber circles covering her face, everyone attending bingo that night is suspect. After her death, the staff at her newspaper start to vanish, one by one. 

Thelma Frost, the front desk receptionist at the local animal hospital must do her best to find the killer as her niece Kami works at the paper and she doesn’t want her to be the next one to disappear. 

A twenty-five-year-old kidnapping case is re-opened, local’s longtime secrets are revealed, and small-town lies are uncovered. Bingo is not just your grandmother's game anymore. 


The story flows as Thelma (dragging along June) tries to determine why someone killed Agatha to be sure her niece isn't next. After all, Kami and Betsy inherited the newspaper. Agatha's attorney takes interest in Kami and romance may be in the air. Then there's the other reporter looking for the story of the 25-year old unsolved kidnapping, also interested. Add in all the compulsive bingo players and the gossip column Agatha wrote, and there are more motives than suspects. 

This was my first book by Donna Walo Clancy, and I enjoyed it. Thelma and her cat, Kami, and June are all likable characters. There are hints left as to the killer and other criminal types. Bingo makes for an interesting setting for a murder. I'll be looking forward to more of Thelma and June's adventures. 

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About Donna Walo Clancy 

Donna Walo Clancy (Donna Clancy) lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the U.S.A. She is a single mom of three grown children and happily divorced. Her first passion is writing. She also loves to read and all kinds of crafting. Flea markets and yard sales can hold her attention for hours. In her down time, she loves to walk the beach with her dog, Zumiez, and her metal detector searching for lost treasures.

Not holding herself to a single genre, she writes whatever story she feels needs to be worked on at the time. Her favorite genre is cozy mysteries and she has several series on Amazon at the present time; The Jelly Shop Mysteries, The Shipwreck Café Mysteries, and now Thelma and June's Mystery Adventures. Several standalone books will also be released in the coming year. 

You can visit her social pages on Facebook or Amazon. She can be reached at

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  1. Bahaha death by daubers, the title is already hilarious, but the synopsis had me in stitches. This sounds so cute! I cannot wait to read this. Right up my alley. 😄