Sunday, February 6, 2022

Book Review: MOSTACCIOLI MURDER A delicious cozy mystery (A Jade Sommer Mystery) by Nicolette Pierce


Murder with a side of mostaccioli. 

Jade returns home to Chicago after being wrongfully fired from her dream job. When she had left a decade ago, she had made two promises to herself. One, never ever work for the family restaurant again. And, two, never ever see Logan, her cheating ex-boyfriend, again. 

Unfortunately, when the restaurant delivery driver is found murdered, Jade assumes his position. The detective assigned to the case is none other than Logan. 

As Jade comes to term with her new life at the restaurant, clues surrounding the murder develop. Jade receives odd delivery orders and threatening messages. Suspects appear in a thrilling mystery that Jade must solve or find herself as dead as the driver. 

To save herself and the family business, she must play nice with the detective. But how can she play nice when she vowed to never speak to the jerk again? To solve the case, the pair must put their past aside. Will Jade solve the murder before it’s too late? Can she move past her feelings for Logan? 


This was a fast-moving mystery with Jade trying to deal with her feelings for Logan, her anger at losing her job, and solving a murder to save the family restaurant. Gangs, family discord, jealousy, a bit of Chinese culture, and a murder. 

The plot flowed and the story well written. The main characters were likable. Not the best "homecoming" for Jade, though she weathers through it all. This is the first of Nicolette Pierce's books and is the first in the Jade Sommer Mysteries. I look forward to reading more of them. 

[On a personal note, the title made me buy the book! Growing up, the pasta of choice when my dad cooked was mostaccioli - nothing else would do.]

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