Sunday, July 3, 2016

Book Review: CAPPUCCINOS, CUPCAKES, AND A CORPSE (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery, Book 1) by Harper Lin


Francesca Amaro moves back to her hometown of Cape Bay, Massachusetts, and takes over the family business, Antonia’s Italian Café. She spends her days making delicious artisan cappuccinos, until she stumbles upon her neighbor’s dead body. When the police discover Mr. Cardosi was poisoned, Francesca becomes a suspect.

The victim’s son, Matty, happens to be Francesca’s old high school friend. Together, they uncover the secrets of the locals in order to find the killer in their idyllic beach town.

Includes two special cupcake recipes!


Francesca returns home, grieving for her mother and reunited with her grandmother. Life returns to what it was before she left the small town for New York and the pressures of the big city with the other cafe workers providing friendship and support.  Then she discovers the body of her old friend's father as she takes a short cut walking home one day. When the cause of death is determined to be homicide, she becomes involved with the investigation as a possible suspect.  She learns the problems with investigating a murder including uncovering histories of neighbors that are less than positive. 

The story is evenly paced and best exemplifies the positives of small town friendships and supports.  Francesca's relationships are all positive and she is a likable character.  Her involvement in the investigation is less credible, but she acknowledges her lack of experience and skill. The ending is somewhat sudden but acceptable. This is the first of the Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries with at least two others available already. Recipes are included as well as detailed descriptions of Francesca's drawings on the cappuccinos.

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