Monday, May 16, 2016

Book Review: MENDED HEARTS (New Beginnings #2) by Mandie Tepe


How do you rebuild your life when you refuse to be a victim anymore?

Gracie Laurent had gone from happy-ever-after, with her childhood sweetheart, to a nightmare. In the blink of an eye, her world had crumbled and she’d retreated to the bosom of her family. After letting them care for her, she realized she didn’t want to be the weak person she’d become any longer. Deciding to go out on her own and start a whole new life, she rediscovered the music she’d missed and found a love she never dreamed possible . . . with someone from her past she never expected to find.

A hero at a crossroads . . . looking at an uncertain future

Luca “Sonny” Ionescu loved his life as a Navy SEAL. After being injured in Afghanistan, he’d been shipped home and was facing the biggest challenge of his life. What would he do if he weren’t able to recover enough to rejoin his SEAL team? How could he rebuild his life into one as satisfying as the one he’d been living? A phone call from a childhood friend out of the blue gives him a mission and a new purpose—a reason to focus on someone other than himself. It also leads to a brand new love and a life more fulfilling than he could have ever expected.

An old threat resurfaces putting their future at risk.
Is their love a strong enough foundation to hold up the new life they’re building?


Gracie Laurent is starting her life over, confident her ex-husband is incarcerated.  She's following her dream to be a singer. Luca's fighting to keep his dream of being a SEAL after being injured on his last mission. Little did Luca know that the sister of his best friend from high school was singing in a local bar or that she was even more beautiful than he remembered. No one knew Gracie's ex would be released. 

Both Gracie and Luca are dealing with change and stress of change. They're both fighting and support each other. This is a wonderful story that captures the tensions of families of the military and their tight knit community, as well as the protective response of family members when one of them is victimized. Well written and uplifting with enough tension to keep it going. 

This is the first one in the series I've read, but I'll be adding the others in the series to my TBR list.

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