Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: KILLER CANNOLI (A Terrified Detective Book 2) by Carole Fowkes

You might remember that early in March I hosted Carole Fowkes and PLATEFUL OF MURDER as part of a blog tour...  Here is the second book in the series...


Private Investigator Claire DeNardo, visits her Aunt Lena's cafe, Cannoli's, and discovers a romance brewing between her aunt and a new customer. Claire's surmises that her aunt's new boyfriend is lying about his identity prove solid when he's found murdered at the cafe. Claire ignores the warning of Police Detective Brian Corrigan and delves into the dead man's life. In the process she realizes her aunt may unwittingly possess what the killer wants. And it's not her tiramisu recipe.


Claire is still working at the PI business, but this time it's personal. Her Aunt Lena is enamored with a new customer, and Claire's father is worried. Something doesn't jive. About the same time Claire determines Joe has no history, he ends up dead and somebody is looking for something and thinks Aunt Lena or Claire have it. As always, Brian tells her to leave the murder to the police, but the stakes are too high. Claire's associate Ed and nice looking Alex add to the complications. 

This is a fun weekend read in the hammock or at the beach - the plot is well developed and there are lots of twists to keep it interesting.  The downside?  I just realized the third in the series is out - BAKE ME A MURDER ...  one off the TBR list and I add another!

A Terrified Detective Series (Amazon Links)

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