Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Review: ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED by Victorine E. Lieske


Madison Nichols, aspiring actress, is floundering. Her rent is due and she needs a job. Desperately. After getting a tip about an open position, she rushes to Jameson Technologies and meets CEO Jared Jameson. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, she is put in the awkward position of pretending to be his girlfriend. Not the job she was applying for. And when she finds out Jared lied to her to get what he wanted, she decides to get back at him. In front of his family.

Jared is stunned when Madison announces they are getting married. She pushed her revenge too far. How can he tell them it’s all a lie? And when his sick aunt asks them to be married before she dies, Madison comes up with a hair-brained plan to hire an actor and stage a fake wedding.

What they both don’t know is Jared’s father has found out about the fake wedding. And he’s got his own hair-brained plan.

This is a sweet romance, appropriate for any age.


Madison is a bit impulsive and emotionally fragile, but she has good heart. She's out of a job and following the advice of a friend shows up to interview for a job that doesn't exist. Jared is looking for the person he has arranged to pretend to be his girlfriend and assumes that is Madison. He convinces her to go along with him to the family gathering with the possibility of a job later on. He then admits the job doesn't exist. She goes along with the charade to a point - afterall, she is an actress - and she needs to pay the rent.

Her attempts to get even with Jared backfire when she finds that she likes his family and doesn't want to deceive them. The ending is predictable, but there are humorous moments along the way and the story is well-written. Those looking for a light and fun romance that could be shared with teens or parents will enjoy this book. It was just what I needed in between reading mysteries.

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