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Series description: Born in the worst suburb in Pittsburgh, Elaine Brogan is bright, beautiful and bold. When her father is falsely arrested for passing counterfeit $100 bills, Elaine vows to become a Secret Service agent and track down the man responsible. After barely surviving the arduous Secret Service Training Academy in Laurel, Maryland, she is transferred to bleak and blustery Great Falls, Montana. But things do not go as planned, and Elaine soon finds herself betrayed and thrown into an adventure that takes her halfway around the world, from dark and mysterious Sofia, Bulgaria, to Moscow Russia, and finally, to Milan, Italy. In the end, will Elaine find the love and happiness she truly seeks…or will she turn to a life of obscene wealth, power and corruption?

Book 1 tells the story of Elaine's life from her childhood to the Secret Service.  When the man responsible for her father's arrest dies, she no longer is on a vigilante mission, but still wants to continue on the path to protect others.  Her friends from the graphic design institute don't really understand but they support her.  Elaine is a strong female character, exceptional in her ability to identify counterfeit bills, yet she is also vulnerable.  She's never really had a romantic relationship and when the opportunity presents itself with Nick she experiences first love. But can she trust him?

This first part to a five part series is short (107 pages according to Amazon), fast paced, suspenseful, and moves right along, but reader beware:  it is only the first part and continues in Book 2, and assumedly through Book 5. These are not "read alones" but a series in the true sense of the word.  Each book is more a prelude the to next installment that moves the story forward. The cliff-hanger non-ending at the end of Chapter 18 will either make you mad or prompt you to buy the next installment! If the rest of the "episodes" are as good as the first, then it might be a good idea to buy the bundle (1-5) rather than each one separately and you can read it as one would typically read a novel - all at once! 

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