Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book Review: LOVE AND LIBATIONS by Patricia D. Eddy


Garrett James was discharged from the army with a prosthetic leg and a Purple Heart. He found a new purpose behind the bar and has big dreams that involve his own restaurant and someone to share it with. Too bad most of the women he dates either balk at the idea of dating an amputee or can't stand the fact that he works every night.

Lilah McKinney doesn't have dreams. Her abusive boyfriend has systematically destroyed them, even though he's never laid a hand on her in anger. A chance meeting with Garrett reminds her what it felt like to want something for herself. When her boyfriend snaps and nearly kills her, Garrett steps in, but he can't stay. Lilah needs to reclaim her dreams on her own.

Fate brings them back together almost a year later, a few weeks before Valentine's Day. Will Lilah share her dreams with Garrett? Or will her past come between them once again?

WARNING: Love and Libations contains scenes of domestic violence and abuse that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.


Valentine's Day takes on new meaning in this drama/romance. LOVE AND LIBATIONS is the story of two individuals dealing with and coping with injuries - physical and psychological. Eddy does a commendable job of building her characters, their flashbacks and nightmares, and their day to day insecurities. This is a compelling read. I finished it in one sitting with a box of tissues near by. Not for the faint of heart, the synopsis provides the warning of domestic violence and abuse. Although fitting to the story and not excessive, some may find the sexual content offensive. Lilah's mantra - from Garrett - that dreams don't die is carried to the end of the story.

LOVE AND LIBATIONS is due for release today, February 12.  AMAZON

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