Sunday, May 30, 2021

Book Review: HARD LANDING (Hope Landing Romantic Suspense Book 1) by Edie James

Another romantic suspense for you...

About the Book (from Amazon)

Two wary souls get a second chance at love…if a killer doesn’t find them first. 

When a stalker turns to murder, pilot Kelli Spencer needs protection. What she doesn’t need is her old love Jack Reese returning to stir things up, but the former Navy SEAL and his team of protection specialists are the best of the best. Trust him with her life? If she has to. Trust him with her heart? No way. The last time Jack left, he made it clear married life held no appeal. Ten years later, he wastes no time letting her know he hasn’t changed. 

Not that she’d be fool enough to hope. As the commander of Knight Tactical, Jack jumps at the chance to protect Kelli and take down a killer, but as soon as she’s safe, he plans to shake the dust of the small mountain town off his feet again…until he realizes he never should have left the first time. Can he convince Kelli to give him another chance, or will a devious killer destroy his plans for a happily ever after?

Welcome to Hope Landing, a small town full of big secrets…and deadly lies. Join the action as the former SEALs of Knight Tactical Protection battle danger and tests of faith on the road to lasting love. A series of clean, inspirational action adventure romances, each guaranteed to lift your heart.


This first in the series, introduces the reader to the former SEALs of Knight Tactical Protection and Hope Landing. As expected, the small town of Hope Landing has its secrets and lies, and a stalker. Kelli Spencer has tried to ignore the stalker but the stakes are getting higher and she needs protection. Her father makes the call to Jack Reese. Jack may not be safe for her heart, but she trusts him with her life. In order to neutralize the stalker, Jack and Kelli need to look deeper into the people of Hope Landing, people they thought they knew.

Well-written, the tension surrounding the stalker continues to build throughout, competing only with the tension between Kelli and Jack. It is fast-paced, with twists and turns. Unlike many series featuring former SEALS, this is a clean read with an occasional Christian sentiment, and HEA. If you like suspense, romance, and small towns, and like to keep it clean, you'll enjoy this book, and likely the rest of the series.

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