Saturday, March 6, 2021

Book Review: FIERCE SHADOWS : Shadows Landing Book 4 by Kathleen Brooks

A little change of pace here with a romantic suspense... 

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Dare Reigns is Charleston’s newest undercover ATF agent. Dare and his bosses believe a nearby resort is responsible for several deaths from tainted alcohol. As a favor to his friend, Marcy Davies, Dare agrees to a blind date with her grand-niece who lives in the area. What he didn’t tell her was having a date night at the resort would be the perfect cover for him to begin his investigation. 

Harper Faulkner’s heart had hardened long ago and her love was now reserved for the bar she owned and ran in the small town of Shadows Landing. This is why she knew the blind date her great-aunt had talked her into would go down in flames. Only the flames she felt weren’t from the disastrous date but from the date himself. 

When tragedy strikes during the date, Dare and Harper work side by side to save lives. Harper quickly earns Dare’s admiration and something much more dangerous . . . his interest. As Dare and Harper dig deeper into the deaths at the resort, they find it’s not only the resort guests in danger. The investigation leads them straight to Shadows Landing. But can Dare risk Harper’s life and his heart as they work to save the lives of thousands of unsuspecting potential victims?


Although you can appreciate Dare's situation without the background, Marcy Davies, cousin to the folks in Shadows Landing, has set out to match make for her unsuspecting great nieces and nephews...  Dare reluctantly agrees to the blind date as it gives him an excuse (cover) for his investigation at the resort believed to be responsible for tainted drinks and deaths.

The date is all he could ask for, including a new victim and the chemistry between Harper and him. The investigation leads him straight to Harper's bar in Shadows Landing and her being in danger doesn't sit well with him. Little does he know the townspeople and their loyalty.

I will admit I'm a little biased here. I'm a fan of this series and the Forever Bluegrass series and like the crossover of characters occasionally between the two series. That said, this can be read as a stand alone. All the action and suspense is contained in this story. There is tension and conflict as the strong-willed Harper goes head to head (and heart to heart) with the ATF agent. The small town of Shadows Landing is close-knit with its own gator catcher. Between the action scenes, there is romance and humor, especially at Dare's expense as he underestimates the people of the town. There are adult scenes, so if those offend, this book isn't for you. If you like romance and suspense with a bit of humor, you better watch out. You may fall in love with this series, too. 

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