Thursday, January 7, 2021

Book Review: SHOOT THE BREEZE Detective Kate Rosetti Mystery Book 1 by Gina LaManna


Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota—home to strong coffee, deadly winters, and Detective Kate Rosetti—a rising star in the local homicide department. When a young woman turns up dead along the Mississippi River in her latest assignment, Detective Rosetti quickly realizes it’s the work of a notorious cross-country serial killer. 

To complicate matters, Kate’s troublemaking sister turns up out of the blue in need of a place to live. A strikingly handsome FBI agent appears at the crime scene, convinced this case belongs to him. And a certain British billionaire is a little too interested in the murder… and in Kate. 

As she begins to close in on the killer, the investigation takes a turn for the personal. It’s one riddle after the next, and if Kate can’t sort out the murderer’s identity before his next kill, she’ll be up next on the autopsy table.


This was a quick, fun read with some interesting characters, from Kate and her sister, Jane, to the handsome FBI agent, Russo, and Gem, the billionaire. Then there are all the "characters" in the night clubs Kate ventures into trying to find the killer. The pace is steady, there's humor and tension. Kate's job might have been easier if she had some social sense. The end includes a Christmas party with Kate not accepting the advances of either man pursuing her.  

This is the first in the series of four books, and my first Kate Rosetti mystery. I'm not sure Kate is willing to let down her defenses and let Russo or Gem in, but I'm pulling for Russo. Warning: Some readers might find some of the night club activities offensive. 

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