Sunday, January 24, 2021

Book Review: CATCH A FALLING STAR Eden Mysteries Book 1 by Laurel Heidtman


Missing treasure, criminals, cops, co-worker hostility, and the surprise appearance of an ex-lover — definitely not what mystery novelist Kate Rawlings expects when she accepts a summer teaching position at her alma mater in the peaceful college town of Eden, Kentucky. 

Michael Mabry was Kate’s lover in college, but did she ever really know him? Thirty years later, he’s on the run from his partners in a Chicago museum heist in which a valuable ancient Indian artifact called the Shooting Star was stolen and two people killed. Michael escaped with the Star and his life, but he needs money to get out of the country. After so long, Eden should be the last place anyone would think to look for him, but his partners and an insurance investigator with his own agenda are hot on his trail. Kate finds herself suspected of involvement in the heist, but when a murder occurs in Eden, she also finds herself suspected of murder.


A mystery novelist, still involved with her college sweetheart, Kate can acknowledge Michael is not marriage material. Still, she doesn't grasp the extent to which he has engaged in illegal activities for the past thirty years. And she never questioned his disappearances and reappearances. Add in the professor, the insurance investigator, the police chief, and Kate's best friend who is head of college security. The last pieces are the others who Michael wronged so many years ago and the people he crossed when he disappeared after the botched heist of the star.

The pace is good and though it is apparent that Michael is the con and Kate the victim, the addition of the mob and other personalities add the suspense and round out the story line. This was a well-written mystery, with twists and turns. As the first in the series, Kate is positioned to be involved in additional mysteries, and perhaps, a romance.

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