Saturday, March 28, 2020

Book Review: INN OVER HER HEAD : Dusky Cove B&B Cozy Mystery by Dixie Davis

One good thing about being homebound is lots of time to read AND even time to write up reviews... This is a new author for me, maybe for you, too.


Lori Keyes is ready to show some Southern hospitality as the new owner of a B&B—until her first guest winds up dead.

Lori Keyes is excited to settle into her perfect new life: a bed and breakfast owner in the sleepy resort town of Dusky Cove, North Carolina. Sure, her first guest is a little rude and hateful, but that just comes with the hospitality territory sometimes, right?

Lori steels herself to endure one bad guest—until that guest turns up dead. The police investigation says it’s murder, and the evidence points to Lori. She’s instantly the prime suspect.

Lori digs into the guest’s failing marriage and into rivalries in town, trying to figure out who could have killed her. To keep her dream job, her perfect life and the inn over her head, Lori will have to prove that she’s innocent—or she’ll go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit.

A new cozy mystery series set in a Southern small town, featuring a historic inn!


Lori is determined to start a new chapter in her life, hopefully independent of her children. She's an older (50 years old) protagonist and is excited to open the B&B in this new town as her start over venture. Not everyone in Dusky Cove is glad she took over the B&B and that puts a cloud on her happiness. Then her first guest isn't exactly pleasant and doesn't like the changes she's made. And then the guest is murdered. Not quite what Lori had planned. Lori finds some support in Dusky Cove as she tries to figure out who really killed her witchy guest. She has to in order to be sure she doesn't go to jail. Then there's the ever helpful male friend who, despite her Lori's arrest, proposes and wants a quick wedding.

This is an easy read and Lori's personality is consistent with her description of a southern lady, and one who hasn't always been independent. She is a likeable character. She has many of the same hopes and doubts that would be expected, and then the problem of a murder. Readers who like light and fun cozy mysteries will not be disappointed. This is the first in the series and introduces us to others in the small North Carolina town. 

The Dusky Cove B&B Cozy Mystery series:
1. Inn Over Her Head
2. Inn Trouble
3. Inn Vain
4. Inn Dire Straits
5. Inn Danger 


  1. Sounds like a great read! And it gets bonus points from me for taking place in NC!! Looking forward to reading this one.