Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Book Review: SHARPE NOTE SOUR GRAPES OF WRATH : (Maycroft Mysteries #7) by Lisa B. Thomas



As Deena and Gary Sharpe celebrate their anniversary, things are not all wine and roses. Gary is restless at his job while Deena just wishes she still had one.

To make matters worse, one of Gary’s clients, a local vineyard owner, commits suicide. However, the victim’s sister thinks he was murdered, and her suspicions lead Deena and Gary to team up to unearth the truth.

Can Deena impress the local newspaper editor enough to get her old job back? Will Gary quit his firm and risk everything he’s worked for on a new business venture?


Maybe not too old, but the "maybe not a suicide" distracts both Deena and Gary from their doubts and melancholy. Deena's changed jobs a few times, and maybe Gary needs a change. In the meantime, they set out to determine if the local vineyard owner really killed himself. Deena is smart and she doesn't do anything stupid or reckless. The pace of the story is good, with clues and red herrings to a makes sense end. And the end made sense. I liked the winery setting and consistently find Deena and Gary likable characters. Although this is the 7th in the series, it is a stand-alone mystery as are the previous six. This is an enjoyable series and this one didn't disappoint.


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