Friday, August 3, 2018

Book Review: SIX EASY POCKETS : A Humorous and Romantic Mystery (Cue Ball Mysteries Book 6) by Cindy Blackburn


Pool shark Jessie Hewitt likes to call the shots. But apparently her two best friends didn’t get that memo. Candy Poppe has taken up with the wrong man. And Karen Sembler? She’s been kidnapped! Jessie’s no-nonsense husband, Wilson Rye the cop guy, suggests she leave the crime-solving to the experts and the love lives to those involved. Does Jessie listen? Take a guess.

Six Easy Pockets is loaded with all the humor, mayhem, and mystery Cindy Blackburn’s fans have come to expect. But this one also includes a millionaire, a mansion, and a princess! Enjoy!

“I laugh, giggle, snort, and generally have a high old time with the Cue Ball Mysteries.”
Nancy Haddock, author of The Silver Six Crafting Mysteries

“If you want to laugh, delve into a good mystery, and enjoy some likable characters, Ms. Blackburn has the formula.”
Roy Murry, Murry Reviews and Interviews

“Oh the hilarity!”
Dru Ann Love, Dru’s Book Musings, Raven Award Winner

“I so enjoy Cindy Blackburn’s fun and twisted mind. Her stories are so enjoyable!”
Mar Mar, Amazon reader

“I’ll buy anything by this author. Very entertaining. Easy read. Funny!”
Kit-ten, Amazon reader

“This series is so funny. I love the characters and their humor. More please!”
Pooh1250, Amazon reader

"Cindy Blackburn is now one of my favorite authors. I'm kind of addicted”
Searching for Truth, Amazon reader

Christa's Review:

Consistent with the first five Cue Ball Mysteries, Six Easy Pockets has just the right mix of romance, mystery and humor. Jesse Hewitt isn't your usual romance author - or your everyday pool shark - or your typical amateur sleuth. In Six Easy Pockets, her friends are in danger and Jesse begins to suspect everyone. 

It's fun to watch as Jesse tries out hypotheses with her romance story, and the mansion where her best friend disappears becomes a castle in her story of the princess. Needless to say, Wilson Rye is quick to point out the gap between reality and her story. That doesn't stop Jesse at all.  

Well-written, with definite laugh-out-loud moments, Six Easy Pockets continues to entertain with a mystery with a not too obvious solution. Hopefully, Jesse will have more stories to tell in the future.

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