Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review: LOSING LAUREN: Detective Rachel Storme #2 by Alretha Thomas


Alexandra Winifred has played a supporting role in her cousin’s life since they were children. When Lauren Water’s parents are killed in a plane crash, Alexandra becomes her protector, and together they navigate their way through childhood and college. They’re both overachievers, but it’s Lauren who steals the spotlight when she’s discovered by a notable agent and goes on to become an award-winning actress, leaving Alexandra in her shadow as her fledgling publicist. Now Hollywood royalty, Lauren starts to cut those people out of her life who were responsible for her success. Alexandra fears she will be next on the chopping block. But her trepidation about her failing relationship with her cousin becomes her least concern when she’s identified as a prime suspect in Lauren’s subsequent disappearance. Detective Rachel Storme, who has a full plate taking care of a parent with Alzheimer’s and supervising a meth-addicted aunt, is eager to get her hands on a challenging case, but nothing could prepare her for the dark secrets and lies that she uncovers while she does everything in her power to find out what happened to Lauren.


Alexandra is concerned about Lauren's seeming withdrawal and has Lauren makes it in Hollywood, she tells Alexandra she will tell all soon.  Lauren mentions nightmares but puts off telling Alexandra what she has discovered. Then Lauren disappears. Detective Rachel Storme and her colleagues are assigned this high profile case.  Rachel likes a challenge, but her mother, her store, and her "aunt" also prove challenging.

There are many hints of the secret Lauren planned to share but it's up to Alexandra to find the truth and share it for her. A compelling read.  To say any more would give the story away.  

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