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Guest Post: ELAINE FABER Author of Mrs. Odboddy, Hometown Patriot

It's my pleasure to share information on Elaine Faber's new cozy mystery series. She provided an interview with Mildred Haggenbottom to provide insight into Mrs. Odboddy...


Elaine’s latest novel, Mrs. Odboddy-Hometown Patriot a WWII of chicks and chicanery, suspicion and spies is a riotous romp with Agnes Odboddy, a self-appointed scourge of the underworld. Agnes fights WWII from the home front, collecting cans, volunteering at the Ration Stamp office and knitting argyles for the troops, while seeing conspiracies and Nazi spies around every corner. When Mrs. Roosevelt unexpectedly comes to town to attend a funeral, Agnes is called upon to prove she is, indeed, a hometown patriot.

Interview with Mildred by Elaine Faber

I’m Mildred Haggenbottom, Agnes’s best friend. I understand that Agnes and I are in Elaine Faber’s latest WWII novel, Mrs. Odboddy–Hometown Patriot.

So you want to know about Agnes? We’ve been friends for over twenty-five years. She’s the cat’s meow…as the young people say. How we met…? Let me see.

It was in 1918. That was WWI, you know. Agnes and I were assigned a top secret operation in Paris. We spent three days hiding in a bombed-out building with our handler, Godfrey. Believe me, after 72 hours in a life or death situation, you come out either hating someone’s guts or friends for life. Godfrey and Agnes got quite close…too close, if you ask me, but, that’s another story… He came back to Newbury last week, looking for a million dollars in missing Hawaiian money and wanting to reignite his relationship with Agnes. It’s all she can do to keep him at arm’s length. I don’t think she’s trying very hard, if you know what I mean. Romance at the age of 70? The very idea!

The Paris episode changed Agnes. She’s been paranoid, eccentric and fanatically patriotic ever since. She’s determined to root out injustice, regardless of the consequences. I could hardly believe what she plans to do about the black market ration book scam she thinks she discovered, and when the watch tower burned down at the ocean, who is she kidding, saying she can’t explain it because of National Security? I’ll bet she burned that sucker down, herself.

Let’s just say, Agnes tends to see conspiracies and spies under every rock. She believes Nazi spies have infiltrated Newbury, and drives Chief Police, Chief Waddlemucker, crazy with her notions. She’s usually wrong, but her heart is in the right place.

Agnes lives with her granddaughter, Katherine, who works at the Curls to Dye For Beauty Salon. She does the hair and make-up down at the Whistlemeyer mortuary. That certainly turned into quite an adventure, but you’ll have to read the book for the details. Spoiler alert, you know.

Fair warning to the Nazi spies out there. If you really are skulking around Newbury, planning nefarious deeds and you’ read this, I suggest you peddle your papers somewhere else, because if Agnes stumbles onto you, between her and Chief Waddlemucker, your name is toast! 


Since the onset of WWII, Agnes Agatha Odboddy, hometown patriot and self-appointed scourge of the underworld, suspects conspiracies around every corner…stolen ration books, German spies running amuck, and a possible Japanese invasion off the California coast. This seventy-year-old, model citizen would set the world aright if she could get Chief Waddlemucker to pay attention to the town's nefarious deeds on any given Meatless Monday.

Mrs. Odboddy vows to bring the villains, both foreign and domestic, to justice, all while keeping chickens in her bathroom, working at the Ration Stamp Office, and knitting argyles for the boys on the front lines.

Imagine the chaos when Agnes’s long-lost WWI lover returns, hoping to find a million dollars in missing Hawaiian money and rekindle their ancient romance. In the thrilling conclusion, Agnes’s predictions become all too real when Mrs. Roosevelt unexpectedly comes to town to attend a funeral and Agnes must prove that she is, indeed, a warrior on the home front.

Christa's Review

This was a fun read, with Agnes' antics and tall tales. Agnes sees conspiracies and Nazi spies everywhere. She volunteers in various ways to help support the home front as the boys fight in WWII. Mixed in there is a touch of nostalgia with her friend Lily taken away because of her Japanese heritage, boys killed in the war effort, and rationing of food, gas, and other items. 

Propriety and fashion of the time, as well as references to her service as a secret agent in WWI, add to the lively story. Her lost love comes into her life with his blue eyes and romance is in the air for both Agnes and Katherine. Excitement builds when Mrs. Roosevelt is to attend a funeral, and the mortuary is the place to be.

Agnes calls wolf so often she's not usually believed, even when telling the truth. Agnes' personality is complex and her apparent foolishness adds a humorous component. Then again, perhaps she's not all that foolish an old woman after all. 

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in the hopes that I would post an honest review. This has not affected the content of my review in any way.


Elaine Faber is a member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers and Cat Writers Association.

Elaine’s novels include Black Cat’s Legacy; Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, and Black Cat and the Accidental Angel and Mrs. Odboddy–Hometown Patriot, - all available at Amazon.

Elaine lives in Elk Grove, CA, with her husband and four house cats, the inspiration for her Black Cat Mysteries. The Agnes Odboddy character is a figment of Elaine’s vivid imagination and not at all based on her own quirky personality.

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