Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: MAIN STREET MURDER by Linda Crowder

Synopsis: (from Amazon)

Accidental detectives Jake and Emma Rand are back in their second adventure. Spring is coming to their home in the shadow of Casper Mountain and Emma can't wait to see tulips and daffodils crowd out the snow that has covered her flower beds all winter. Then the May Day Blizzard hits, trapping the citizens of Casper, Wyoming in their homes, closing roads and shutting down highways out of town.

When murder strikes in spite of the snow, Detective Matt Joyner of the Casper Police Department quickly turns up the heat on his prime suspect - Emma's friend, Kristy Castle! As Casper celebrates the annual Summer Solstice Parade and Rodeo, Jake and Emma fight to prove Kristy's innocence. She's hiding a terrible secret, but is she a killer? A great read for fans of Cozy Mysteries!


Jake and Emma don't have to go far to find this dead body but how and why did it get there? And in the middle of a blizzard no less! The investigation in this small Wyoming town of course centers on Emma's friend, and even Emma has to wonder what Kristy is hiding. The consideration of others - friends or not - as a the possible murderer - puts a strain on the parade and rodeo preparations.  

The plot is well-developed and easy to follow, with a twist at the end. Jake and Emma have a healthy relationship and are both likable.  This is the second in the series, but easily can be read as a stand alone. Hopefully by the time I read the first one, TOO CUTE TO KILL, the third will be waiting...

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