Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Review: AMAZING GRACIE : A Senior Cozy Mystery Novella by Teresa Quill

Retired cop, John Flynn, directs traffic at the four-way stop when he's tipsy. The seniors of The Friendly Arms Apartments want him to stop, and assign Gracie Moore with the task since she's rather sweet on John. When John sees a dead body go by, the local Deputy doesn't believe him. The seniors ban together to solve the crime. Gracie Moore must step out of her shy self and save the day. 

This is the first of the Skeeterville Senior Mystery Novellas. Also, you'll meet Irene Weatherspoon, head of the resident board at the Friendly Arms Apartments, and her beau Wally Walters who will play roles in upcoming stories.


Gracie has a lot to deal with, starting with running out of money.  But she doesn't want to leave Skeeterville.  Irene and the others in the apartment complex come up with a plan so Gracie doesn't have to move in with her daughter that might just keep John from having to live with his son or worse. Problem is John is bored and when he's bored he drinks and then gets himself in trouble. No surprise that no one is inclined to believe he saw a dead body until he finds the dead body. Now can Gracie and John find the killer?

This is a great cozy mystery, and Gracie is a likable, but stubborn main character with John, Irene, and Wally, not to mention Tom, for support. The plot is well-developed and the ending makes sense. A good read to curl up with anytime or anywhere. I'm looking forward to the next Skeeterville Senior Mystery in the future.

About the Author
Teresa Quill writes with a dachshund at her feet, a parrot on her shoulder and a world of characters in her head. Her personal hero ignores the voices she hears and enables her to enjoy her writing trips to Skeeterville where the senior citizens are ornery and active, and the deputy scratches his head in wonder at their antics.

As a longtime member of Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers, she was writing a lovely contemporary romance when the secondary characters took over. Instead of fighting them, she let them run the show. Sometimes it's surprising where the seniors take her. They know that death happens, but they always want to know why. Teresa just follows them on their adventures.

Teresa asks if you read her book, please leave a review or visit her website. She loves to hear from readers.


  1. Thanks for the review! So glad you liked my seniors. I will be sharing a short story late in April. A Tail of Two Doxies. Two abused dachshunds are rescued by the seniors. There are no dead bodies in this one but the seniors know that justice requires action and they have the gumption to do it. Hiding Miss Daisy should be ready this summer. Death happens in Skeeterville. There are many stories to come. Thank you, Christi, for your support!

  2. You're Welcome! I enjoyed meeting Gracie and her friends!