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Synopsis (from Amazon)

Discovering the body of a friend and colleague was not what Adina Donati had in mind when she moved to Washington D.C. in search of excitement. An administrative assistant at a prestigious think tank, Adina is drawn into the middle of the murder investigation. The police don’t seem to be making much progress until Adina stumbles onto important clues and discovers just how dangerous life in the nation’s capitol can be.

"I could not stop reading and was disappointed that I had finished it; I wanted more. Salem captured what I call a classic detective/mystery case and I place this up there with other novels written by Agatha Christie, Henry Christopher Bailey, and Patricia Cornwell."

"This story was positively captivating. I couldn't put it down. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time."

For a first mystery novel, Salem is off to a great start! Set in Washington DC at a think tank, the first things that come to mind are political scandal or theft of intellectual property, but this is much more subtle. Adina's friend, Hilary, is a research assistant working on a project when she is murdered. She's also an avid amateur photographer.  Adina is assigned to finish the project and deals with a cantankerous boss on the project. There are some questions about the project, a contact who seems a bit odd not to mention the new guy at the animal shelter. . . Are they all connected to the murder? the project? or just coincidence?  Did she snap a picture of the wrong person?

Salem has a well-developed plot. It's well-written, with enough tension to keep the pages turning. Adina is a strong, intelligent woman that has depth and doubts that make her human. Besides she loves dogs. There's a hint of possible romance that is left hanging at the end. I only hope there is a sequel. It will definitely be added to the TBR pile (near the top!).

About the Author

Cassidy Salem has always been an avid reader. She is especially fond of mysteries and historical fiction. When she's not reading, she enjoys music and spending time with family and friends, and travels with her husband and son whenever possible.

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