Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cozy Mystery Review: The Strange Situation at Emlee by MaryJo Dawson

Review of : The Strange Situation at Emlee (MaryJo Dawson)

This is the third of the Sally Nimitz mysteries.  After Sally’s previous experiences with solving mysteries, her friend Emma asks Sally to visit the family homestead of Emlee after a burglary and a poisoned cat upset Emma’s mother, Emmaline.  Sally convinces another friend, Anne to come along as an old college friend of Emmaline’s.  As with so many families, there are any number of family secrets that could explain the burglary and missing papers; not so many to explain a poisoned cat.  Then the illegitimate son of the patriarch Bradshaw is murdered and family secrets become oh so important.  As in the previous Sally Nimitz stories, Sally’s inquisitive mind and ability to get people to share their thoughts and feelings help to solve the mystery behind the burglary and the murder.  Dawson’s handling of sensitive subjects along with well developed characters and plot make for a good read.  After reading this third one in the series, I've added the first two to my TBR stack.


Be sure to check back on November 7th for the blog tour stop of Rachelle Ayala's Knowing Vera!

In the meantime, just a quick update on happenings in Cold Creek.  I'm working hard at marketing Murder at Cold Creek College and will share reviews as they come in.  In the meantime, I've started, slowly but surely, on the second in the series... as of yesterday 20,000 words...  I can safely say that chapters 1-3 are solid!  I'm hoping for a spring release, but life (and reading) have a habit of getting in the way.

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