Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Topaz Eyes by Nancy Jardine

Review: Topaz Eyes

Topaz Eyes is a romantic suspense at its best.  Motivated by the find of an exquisite ring, a jeweler in Heidelberg does research and comes to believe this is one of twenty pieces of the Tiru collection that somehow came into his family generations before.  Jensen then commissions a family history, contacts distant family members and a woman who was close enough to one of the women in the family to potentially be a recipient of some of the pieces.  The quest set forth at the mysterious meeting in Heidelberg, with Zaan, Teun, and Keira taking the lead roles to complete the quest, is to find all the pieces and exhibit them.  The search covers multiple cities in the US, Amsterdam, Edinburg, and of course Heidelberg.  The stakes are high and as Keira and Teun both become aware they are being followed separately, as well as when they are together, and trust is not high between the cousins.  Multiple homes across the continents are broken in to, businesses are burglarized, and individuals are assaulted.  It’s not obvious who is behind the mischief.  The pieces come together slowly as none of the cousins wants to share all they know.  Jardine spins an intricate plot with cultural overtones and all that makes discovering family history a little risky.

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