Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cozy Mystery Review: Crime Wave by Rose Pressey

Review of Crime Wave by Rose Pressey

Maggie becomes a PI when she inherits her uncle's faltering Miami Beach P.I. agency.  She doesn’t really know much but completed the coursework and is ready to go with her "office manager"/assistant, Dorothy.  With all Maggie's studying and the internet to help her, she starts to think being a PI isn’t so bad.  About then she stumbles on a dead body and then another washes ashore.  Maggie just continues to stumble into trouble and into the line of a bullet, all with Dorothy  as her sidekick waiting in the car knitting and shaking her head.  Of course, there is also the hunky cop, Jake, and hints of attraction mixed with Jake’s continued suggestions that she stick to following cheating husbands and the like.  Cute story, likeable characters, quick read.  Looking forward to the release of Murder is a Beach in December (available on Amazon for pre-order).

I am making every effort to post a review on each book I read, not only here, but on Goodreads and Amazon.  It is very important to authors for reviews to be posted!  Help an author - Post a Review!

Coming soon a review of  Strange Situation at Emlee by MaryJo Dawson.  Also, as part of blog tours, look for reviews of Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayalla and Deathbed and Breakfast by Bart J. Gilbertson.

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