Sunday, October 6, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

It has been a very busy week making minor changes (thank you to my beta readers Jan and Andra for their feedback!) and then formatting everything for printing in Createspace, finalizing the cover...  Oh, yeah, here it is!!!!   Isn't it great! (thank you CS!)

And then to format for the various different eBooks through Smashwords while waiting to get the proof from Createspace!  I can't wait to see it in print!  The current plan is to publish by October 15 for all media!  And of course, I've already started to think about the sequel and develop plot lines...  I'll keep you posted!

Product DetailsSo what to do while I wait for the proof to arrive?  Read, of course!  I'm trying to see if I can get onboard with some of the blog tours, but in the meantime, I will just post reviews here of whatever I happen to have read.

 Today's review is on Joanne Sydney Lessner's book Bad Publicity. This is the second in the Isobel Spice series. Isobel is a temp worker and with the help of the manager of the temp agency  (James) and an old friend from college (Katrina), she lands a cushy temp job at Dove & Flight assisting where ever she is needed. The position is great because she is an aspiring actress.  Problem is, she happens to serve coffee to an important client and key person in a potential merger and he is suddenly dead.  Second problem is that her friend Katrina wasn't in favor of the deal that client was selling and it looks like she may be the killer.  Isobel is likeable and her relationships have a good measure of tension, along with a touch of romance. Although Isobel works to eliminate possible guilty parties, the who-done-it isn't obvious.  Add in a bit of romance...  what more could you ask for?


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