Sunday, October 15, 2023

October new releases - SECRETS AND STORMS, ANOTHER MURDER (Sheridan Hendley #8) and RISKY BUSINESS, ANOTHER MURDER (Sheridan Hendley #9) by Christa Nardi

Sheridan Hendley Mysteries #8
Released October 10, 2023
A Cozy Mystery Novella
Available in digital, print, and audiobook

Never a good time for family secrets in the past to become the present.

Sheridan Hendley, an amateur sleuth, never imagined a tranquil morning following a stormy night would turn into a crime scene at the local high school soccer field. As news of the murder spreads, the community is gripped with a sense of unease. The victim's son shows up at Sheridan’s door confused and seeking answers. 

Delving into the victim’s recent activities and background leads to a disgruntled customer and family secrets. As Sheridan digs deeper, she finds herself gradually connecting the dots. Only the killer watches on as Sheridan becomes more determined to help the son and find the killer. Sheridan may become the next victim.

Available through AMAZON

Sheridan Hendley Mysteries #9
Releases 10/20/2023
Cozy Mystery
Available in digital and print formats
Audiobook coming soon!

When a man engages in risky business, it’s not surprising he’s dead.

When Donald Woodlawn, an investment advisor from Lynchburg, is shot dead in their quiet town, Sheridan Hendley can’t help but wonder why. As the secrets of his questionable financial dealings with investment clients unravel, she discovers that a dangerous combination of gambling debts and alcohol drove him to target rich and powerful men.  

Multiple layers of risk and Sheridan’s quick thinking leads to many suspects. Danger lurks around every corner. As the threats and accidents mount, Sheridan's determined to peel back the layers of deception to uncover the killer.  

Available at AMAZON

A New Place, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #1) 
Dogs and More Dogs, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #2) 
Old Friends and New, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #3) 
Holly and Holidays, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #4) 
Wine and Dead, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #5) 
Love and Money, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #6) 
Music and Memories, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #7) 
Secrets and Storms, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #8)
Risky Business, Another Murder (Sheridan Hendley #9)

About Christa Nardi

Christa Nardi is an avid reader with her love of mysteries beginning with Nancy Drew and other teen mysteries. She especially enjoys cozy mysteries with less gore and no graphic violence. 

Christa has been a longtime writer from poetry and short stories to mystery series. She received a Readers Favorite 2023 Finalist Award in the Sleuth category. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime. 

She's the author of the Cold Creek Cozy Mysteries (where Sheridan started sleuthing), the Sheridan Hendley Mysteries, the Stacie Maroni Mysteries, and the Izzie Di Sante Mysteries. She co-authors the Hannah and Tamar Mysteries with Cassidy Salem.

Christa supports animal rescue and efforts to help others. When not reading or writing, Christa enjoys travel, playing with her dog, and spending time with her three granddaughters.

Connect with Christa here:

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