Monday, January 2, 2023



Hello 2023! As I look back over the year, I can identify some goals reached and events of note. Most importantly, my family is in good health.  

What will 2023 bring? Looking back, my goals haven't changed very much:

  • Be kind. Do something nice for someone, pay it forward, make someone else smile.
  • Think positive. Find the silver lining no matter how hard it is to find one.
  • Stay in touch with people I care about even if it is easier not to make the effort. It is too easy to become isolated.
  • Finish the "hanger-on tasks" from work and truly retire! (Especially since I've taken on more tasks instead of less)
  • Do better at completing reviews and posting on my blog, keeping in communication with my readers and other authors.
  • Finish getting audiobooks up - only 4 of the back list are still not on Audible. Otherwise, as they release in kindle and print, the audiobook should be out within 2 months or so
  • Continue to work on weight, fitness, better eating habits, and all that I can do to stay healthy
  • Work on the "Travel Bucket List." In 2022, we cruised back to Alaska for our anniversary and then to the British Isles. We tried to take a cruise to the Panama Canal, only the cruise was cancelled on the 2nd day. We're trying again this year - wish us better luck. Other than that, lots of other places on the wish list. Possibly, a quick trip to Virginia to visit friends and family in May. Maybe Norway or the Amalfi coast after that. Definitely, San Diego for Bouchercon at the end of the summer. Are you doing any traveling now?
  • It's kind of amazing, but this year I released the newest series featuring Izzie Di Sante, reluctant restauranteur and passionate investigative reporter. Now I'm working on Book 3! I also published Book 8 of the Stacie Maroni series and Book 7 of the Sheridan Hendley series. More to come in 2023.
  • Continue to collaborate with other authors. Secrets and Storms, Another Murder is the 8th in the Sheridan Hendley series and available through Prolific Works as part of a huge promotion - 60 cozy mysteries for free! Twisty Tales and Cozy Crimes is on Facebook with frequent giveaways as well. 
For all of you, my husband and I wish you all the best for the coming year.  As you plan your reading for the next year, here are some ideas for you and a giveaway (keep scrolling for the Rafflecopter!):

Here's the link for the January Rafflecopter!


  1. I find that my goals dont seem to change too much either. Interesting. There are little changes within each goal, but that just helps to bring the goal to fruition. We wish you and your hubby a happy and healthy new year also. We are off to a bang here. Jan 11 my husband has a double major surgery. This will be tough but we now know why the last two years has been one infection after another. So at the same time we are so relieved.

    1. Hope it is a good year, Lori. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It says I have to leave a comment for the giveaway, so I'll let you know that it seems like none of the bookbub addresses got turned into links (excepting your profile link) and the address under the "Fill Your Ereader" doesn't work if copied & pasted. The others work that way, but that one is /completely/ broken.

  3. Happy New Year. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  4. Happy New Year. Books look like good read.

  5. I do like your Happy New Year goal number 1: Be Kind. Finding that a way of living brings a smile to my face which is contagious. Pass it on and it will circle back again creating a cycle of giving instead of always taking.

  6. Happy New Year! You've set wonderful goals for 2023 - and all achievable, I'm sure! I want to travel and visit family members I have not seen in years.