Monday, January 30, 2023

Book Review: RACE INTO MURDER by Karen Black

About the Book (from Amazon)

Jeff Frazier is a racehorse trainer whose dream is about to come true. He has a thoroughbred with the talent and the ability to compete in some of the most prestigious races in the country. When the colt becomes the catalyst for murder, however, Jeff's dream becomes a nightmare. A well-known jockey is killed and an innocent man is arrested. 

The fate of three families depends on finding the truth but with the trial date closing in, the killer's identity remains a mystery. In the close-knit community, however, some believe they have the answer and decide to dispense their own form of justice. Although the horsemen's interference complicates the investigation, it uncovers those who will stop at nothing to win. Through all the chaos, the races continue.


Horse racing is its own world and Black portrays it well, while adding in the human side - the love Natalie has for her horse balanced again the costs involved and the potential monetary gain of selling versus racing. The tension between Jeff and Natalie is palpable. At the same time, someone is trying to get the prize horse at any cost. Murder, larceny, and betrayal make for an engaging mystery.

The story is well-written and characters are realistic and fallible. The tension is felt on many levels. Black does a commendable job of keeping the pace steady, the tension high, and the killer not obvious until the very end. This is my first read by Black, but it won't be my last.

About the Author (from Amazon)

With a passion for animals, a fascination with the supernatural, and a degree in Criminal Justice, the author combines imagination and experience to create dramatic stories that don’t end quite the way you would expect. A four legged character is included in most story lines, even if just a cameo appearance. 
Black lives in the United States with her husband, a variety of wildlife, and two aliens disguised as cats. One of the critters is rumored to be ET’s second cousin, but that has not been confirmed.