Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Review: THE SONG OF JACKASS CREEK (A Mountain Mystery) by Darby Patterson

About the Book

Relocating from big city fame as an award winning reporter to a small town newspaper was a matter of life and death for Jesse Kilgore. And, although he left his dangerous past behind he didn’t escape from serious crime. 

When a battered body is discovered in Jackass Creek, Jesse uses skills he honed as an investigative reporter to help the town of Redbud come to grips with a brutal murder that’s fed animosities between the local timber operation and environmental activists.

The future of a young Native American accused of the murder hangs in the balance. Redbud’s colorful locals consider how the politically charged killing might threaten their cherished mountain lifestyle and traditions.


Jesse left his job, and hopefully, danger behind him when he moved to this woodsy lumber town of Redbud. When protesters show up to save the trees and one ends up dead, Jesse gets involved, if only for Andy, the young man who found the body. The sheriff, for reasons of his own arrests one of the lumberman for the murder. Then he meets the older Native American women who doesn't think her nephew is a saint, but also doesn't think he killed anyone. Add in Deputy Rose and Jesse's hooked. 

This story was well-written with mini-subplots and action that may or may not be relevant, clues that may or may not be red herrings. Characters are well-developed and Patterson unravels their personalities as layers come off in the course of the story, with Rose being one of the more complicated. All of it comes together nicely in the end with a surprise or two. You get fresh air, mountains, and conflict on many levels in this cozy mystery. An interesting read, with some unique feels.


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