Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Book Review: CRIME OF RETRIBUTION (An Austin and Archer Mystery Book 2) by Rayan Morgan

About the Book (from Amazon)

A murdered migrant farm worker. A cold-blooded assassin taking shots at Dan Archer. While trying to protect her partner will Lea become the victim?  

Are you fascinated with fast-paced clean mystery books that keep you guessing to the end? The captivating action begins with an executioner trying to kill Dan. Will Dan’s relationship with a local jazz singer turn out to be more deadly than just a broken heart? 

Lea looks forward to working with Dan Archer, her new partner at the Conley Austin Detective Agency. But will she be caught in the crossfire of the cold-blooded assassin trying to kill him? 

Their first big case together involves a client accused of killing a migrant farm worker. During their investigation, they discover a local produce farm illegally shipping cocaine in crates of avocadoes. 

Can you figure out who's behind all the devious treachery - and who is trying to murder Dan? Join Lea and the former Texas Ranger as they work together to unravel these latest evils. 


Lea Austin, a sister sleuth from Morgan's other series, is now working at her father's  agency with ex-Texas Ranger/Special forces detective, Dan Archer. The intent of pairing Dan and Lea is for Dan to protect Lea, only someone is after Dan. The case they're working deals with immigrants on a nearby ranch with one killed, one missing, and questionable treatment of immigrants. 

The story is well-paced with the investigation and the threats to Dan keeping things interesting. Add to that the tension between Lea and Dan. Morgan weaves the political and social issues related to immigration and drugs into the story, but not to the point of being preachy. 

The story is well-written and kept my interest. The characters were likable and had some depth. It will be interesting to see how Lea and Dan's relationship changes in future books. While this book is part of a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. I haven't read the first one in the series and that was not a problem. I also hadn't read any of the sister sleuths mysteries, so Lea was a new main character for me. After reading this one by Morgan, I added a few of her other books to my TBR list.

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About the Author (from Amazon)

Rayna has written two mystery series. The first involves two women whose desire for adventure and knack for solving mysteries leads them to intrigue, suspense, and danger in their small beachside community. Meet the Sister Sleuths who are strong yet vulnerable, tough but compassionate, and loving yet feisty in their relationship with each other. Included in their adventures are their father Warren Conley, a retired police chief who joins forces with them to open a detective agency, Tom Elliot, who heads the Major Crimes Department for the local police, and Lea's two dogs, Gracie and Spirit. In the Austin and Archer Mysteries, a former Texas Rangers law enforcement officer brings a high octane burst of excitement to the mix! 

The author has lived in various places, including a beachside town like the one used as the setting for her stories, with her husband, son, two dogs and three cats, all adopted from shelters (the animals, that is.) Each novel is based on a theme of social or personal injustice about which she is passionate, and contains a message about the meaning of our journey and the discovery of who we are. Rayna loves books, movies, and television series related to mysteries and crime, yoga, exercise, travel, and animals. She and her husband are actively involved fostering dogs to help them find forever homes.  

Author contact information:
Twitter: @raynamorgan22

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