Friday, November 26, 2021

Blog Tour and Review: DANGER AT DUNHAVEN CASTLE by Nellie H. Steele



Frightening nightmares. Aberrations in time. Who is haunting Cate’s nightmares?

Months after solving two mysteries involving her ancestors, time-traveling, castle-dwelling Countess, Lady Catherine Kensie, still suffers from haunting nightmares. Chased by a mysterious man, Cate ponders who could be haunting her dreams and disturbing her sleep. She’s also smack dab in the middle of a brand-new research project, having found journals belonging to the Scottish castle’s original owner.

As Cate digs into the castle’s history, not only do her nightmares become more frequent and more frightening, but Cate also begins to experience strange phenomena with the time portals enclosed in the castle walls. Controlled by the mysterious heirloom timepiece she received as part of her inheritance, Cate is shocked when she begins to slip in and out of other time periods despite not activating the mechanism that controls them!

Can Cate learn the secret to control the time portals and discover who haunts her dreams before she finds herself lost in time?



Lady Cate lives in the castle of one of her ancestors and is haunted by increasingly terrifying nightmares, where one, and the then two, men are chasing after her. She and Jack  Reid, the castle's estate manager and descendent of the manager when Douglas MacKenzie was alive, discovered time rips in the various rooms.  Only the MacKenzie and Reid families are privy to the secrets. Only Cate and Jake are discovering more secrets - and some malfunctions - all the time. 

Between being haunted in nightmares almost nightly, other strange occurrences, and rips in time that are no longer being controlled, Cate and Jack have to solve the riddles and discover the key. Their greatest hope is that the answers are in the journals of Douglas Mackenzie. Only Cate has to first decipher them and deal with the supernatural. In the meantime, there's the planning of a huge ball for Countess Cate that is driving everyone in the castle crazy. 

This is not the first in the series and there is mention that  Cate and Jack mention previous mysteries solved in differing time periods. This is my first in the series, and that did not detract from the story at all. Although some of the characters visit from another series, you don't have to have read those either. 

The tale is filled with twists and turns, a bit of magic, and time travel to the 1700s. There's also the growing romance between Jack and Cate. If you enjoy paranormal cozy mystery and a unique twist, you'll enjoy the Danger at Dunhaven Castle.

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in the hopes that I would post an honest review. This has not affected the content of my review in any way.

About the Author

An Indies Today finalist for Best Book of the Year 2020 with Cleopatra’s Tomb, Nellie H. Steele made the leap from science to art with her first book, The Secret of Dunhaven Castle.

An animal enthusiast, Nellie often features a version of one of her fourteen rescue animals in her stories, though the fictional pets are usually better behaved than her own fur-babies! A literary split personality, Nellie’s work ranges from cozy mystery to supernatural suspense to riveting adventure.

She lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. When she isn’t writing or engaging in animal care, she enjoys teaching Statistics and Data Science at a local university.

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