Thursday, April 29, 2021

Book Review: GRAVE EXPECTATIONS ON DICKENS DUNE - A Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery #3 by Anna Celeste Burke


Miriam, the Grand Old Lady Detectives, & Charly's Angels take on a cold case that will have you wondering what the dickens is going on until the very end! 

A cold case doesn't stay cold for long when Miriam and her Grand Old Lady Detective [G.O.L.D.] pals take on a new mystery to solve. Charly's old friend, Judith Rogow, asks for her help in locating her ex-husband's grave. 

A Vietnam War veteran, Allen Rogow survived the war and returned home only to disappear several years later. Although evidence pointed to foul play, the police never found his body and Allen Rogow's disappearance remained an unsolved mystery. That all changes when an ex-convict makes a deathbed confession claiming someone murdered Allen Rogow and buried his body on Dickens' Dune. 

As the cold case warms up, it becomes clear that Allen Rogow had lots of secrets. Was he killed to make sure he'd take them to his grave? What Miriam soon discovers is that it's the secrets you don't know you're keeping that can sometimes be the most dangerous.   

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The GOLD women are back in business. Only this time, the cold case they’re working on his for a friend, . She needs to know what happened to her husband when he disappeared. There’s a death bed confession by a convict that Allen Rogow was murdered by one of his friends and is buried somewhere on Dickens Dune. A bookie who says he works for the mob tries to get money from Miriam and ends up dead. Now, she has a little better idea of all the things Pete was involved in, but she’s worried the mob may be after her to pay his debts. And when the well-known and handsome mob lawyer sends her flowers and chocolates, what does he have in mind. 

As with other books in this series, Burke creates older characters with energy and intellect. With all their connections it’s easy for Miriam, Neely, Midge, and Marty to get to the bottom of things. Especially with the help of Charly’s angels. The story is well-paced with subplots, twists and turns, and lots of secrets revealed. 

If you enjoy cozy mysteries and older, competent protagonists, this one is for you. Although it is the third in the Seaview Cottage series, Grave Expectations on Dickens Dune can be read as a stand-alone or out of order. I always suggest you start at the beginning to experience how relationships grow over time.

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