Thursday, October 29, 2020

Book Review: WHISKEY LULLABY An Addison Holmes Mystery by Liliana Hart


Addison Holmes has her hands full. Marriage changes a woman, and pregnancy hormones are no joke. But despite her promise to retire from dangerous P.I. work, she has no choice but to take this case.

Twenty years ago, her father and his partner cracked the case of their careers. But it was all a set up. They sent the wrong men to prison, and now it's time for the real culprits to tie up loose ends. Her father is dead, but his partner, who happens to be her mom's new husband, is very much alive. At least for the time being.

Discovering the truth is no easy task, but saving her father's legacy and her step-father's life is her top priority. Because family means everything.


Addison is supposed to be getting married, with not such fond memories of the last time she was supposed to get married. Her BFF, Rosemarie, and FBI agent Matt Savage, aren't helping. And then there's Aunt Scarlett. The characters are likable and the twists and turns are punctuated with laugh out loud moments. I have to admit I was (am) a bit suspicious when it comes to Savage and his agenda. He needs to find someone else. This is a fun series. Although this is part of a series, the mystery is a stand alone, though many characters are old friends from previous books. Always best to start a series at the beginning. Read the others in the series? You'll enjoy this one.