Monday, February 17, 2020


What we are bombarded with daily is the negative, the hateful, the tragic. February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day. You might ask what that means. To me, the basic idea is to make it a point to be kind no matter what life is throwing at you, as often as you can. There are many ways that people do this - the only payback being that being kind feels good. Not sure what you could do? Here's a link to 100+ acts of kindness, some of which could take  less than a minute of your time and cost you nothing. My immediate thoughts, given I will be working and running to catch a plane, then meeting friends...

  1. Bring breakfast goodies to my stress-laden meeting
  2. Compliment at least one person in the meeting on what a good job they did
  3. Tell someone to keep the change at the airport
  4. Compliment one of the airline staff
  5. Hold the door for someone
  6. Buy my friend a glass of wine
  7. Post a review of a book I finished recently
What about you? What random acts of kindness will you (or did you) engage in today? 

I don't know about you, but I think it would be better place if everyone engaged in some random act of kindness every day, in some way. Start today!

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