Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: SHARPE TURN : Maycroft Mystery Series Book 4 by Lisa B. Thomas

Sharpe Turn (Maycroft Mystery Series Book 4)

When a famous author agrees to teach a writing course at the library, amateur sleuth Deena Sharpe eagerly signs up. But on the second day of class, the author’s wife dies in a car crash, and the police suspect foul play. Is it a hoax to teach his students about plotting a murder mystery? Not likely.

Deena dives into the investigation when a friend is accused of the crime. With her brother’s help, she must clear their friend’s name and stay out of trouble with the town’s newest detective. As if that weren’t enough, it’s her husband’s birthday and her pushy mother-in-law is coming to town. What’s a Southern gal to do?

Sharpe Turn is Book 3 in the Maycroft Mystery Series. If you like a savvy sleuth and a twisty plot, this clean whodunit may be your new favorite cozy mystery.


Deena is once again involved in a murder mystery, this time of a famous mystery writer. Everyone is excited he's going to teach a class, including the librarian. When his wife dies in a suspicious wreck, her friend is a suspect. Even her brother ventures outside his comfort range to help. Deena's husband Gary is away at a conference and there's a new detective on the case - and not one she particularly has had good interactions with before. Amidst all the mystery, the crisis facing Deena is making Gary's birthday cake to impress his mother that she really can cook. 

This is the fourth in the Maycroft Mystery Series, a fun series. Each can be read as a stand alone mystery with characters re-occurring across books. I've managed to read them out of order without any problems. This is also a clean read, so if you like your mystery without the gore and graphic descriptions, you won't be offended by this one, or the others in the series. 

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