Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blog Tour and Review: TRAIL OF DEFECTS by Sara Caudall


This modern day mystery contains unpredictable elements, reminiscent of earlier days in the Wild West. Crime waves in a small town can be confusing but it is especially daunting for Sheriff Hobson. It is unclear which side of the law his townspeople are on. Starting with an armed robbery of Kelly’s Lounge, elder abuse, and a runaway child, strange happenings pileup.


A small town mystery, the story line of TRAIL OF DEFECTS has multiple story lines that intersect in the way that only happen in small towns. Tiffany and her mother Joyce are the newcomers, supposedly taking care of Edna. Sarah is also a newcomer to the town and supposed to do rehab with Edna. Everyone else takes each other for granted and no one, least of all the sheriff or DA, can quite figure out how the robbery at Kelly's, the sorrel left in someone's pasture, the runaway, and the murder could be connected. Certainly, they didn't expect that Travis Bristol's gun would figure into three of the occurrences, without his even knowing it was missing. 

The plot unwinds with each incident, piece by piece, and the murderer isn't necessarily obvious. There are unique twists to keep one's interest. 

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in the hopes that I would post an honest review as part of this blog tour. This has not affected the content of my review in any way.
About The Author 

I grew up in a small ranching community in Colorado where I learned to judge beef on the hoof and under wrap. After moving around the country for my husband’s career and catching college courses as I could, I finally found myself in one place long enough to finish my degree. I was an artist (acrylic), raised three children, managed offices, and started my own genealogy resource business before weaving my stories and experiences into novels. I now lives in central Texas with my patient husband and four cats. In my spare time I do genealogy and historical research and nurses orphan kittens back to health for the local animal shelter.



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