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Blog Tour: PUMPKINS IN PARADISE (A Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery Book 1) by Kathi Daley

Paperback: 268 pages

Publisher: Henery Press; Second edition (September 6, 2016)

ISBN-13: 978-1635110890

It's my pleasure to have Kathi Daley as my guest today, along with TJ to tell us about the Paradise Lake Mysteries - the first six being released on 9/6/2016!

Interview with a Cozy Mystery Character

Kathi: Hello everyone. My name is Kathi Daley. I am a mystery writer who enjoys writing mystery with a touch of romance as well as romance with a touch to mystery. I currently write five series: Zoe Donovan Cozy Mysteries, Whales and Tails Island Mysteries, Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mysteries, Seacliff High Teen Mysteries, and Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries. With me today is the star of the Paradise Lake Mysteries, Tj Jensen. Welcome Tj.

Tj: Thank you for having me.

Kathi: Why don’t you start off by telling us a little about yourself?

Tj: I live in the small alpine town of Serenity Nevada, which is located on the west shore of Paradise Lake. I am a high school coach and physical education teacher at the same high school I attended as a student. I recently moved back to Maggie’s Hideaway, the lakeside resort where I grew up, after my mother died and I was granted custody of two half-sisters I barely knew. Learning to be both a mom and a sister to Ashley (8) and Gracie (5) has been challenging, but I have the help and support of my grandfather and father, both who live at the resort, as well as best friends Kyle and Jenna.

Kathi: You recently have developed a reputation as being a bit of an amateur sleuth. Can you tell us how that came about?

Tj: It all started just three months after my sisters came to Paradise Lake and I moved home with my father and grandfather. A good friend of mine died in his home under what I believed to be suspicious circumstances even though the sheriff ruled the death to have been caused by natural causes. I’m not sure why I was so certain that my friend Zachary had died at the hands of another. He was an old man in ill health who appeared to have simply drifted off while he sat in his favorite chair, but my instinct told me otherwise, so I set out to prove the sheriff and everyone else wrong. In the end I was able to prove that Zachary had been murdered and that, as it turned out, was the beginning of my sleuthing 

Kathi: Have you had a hard time juggling your work as a coach and teacher, with your responsibilities at the resort, while trying to be a mother to your sisters, and an amateur sleuth?

Tj: I really, really, have. I feel like I am in crisis mode most of the time, but I have people in my life, my family, Jenna, and Kyle, who are always there for me and who help me to do everything that I need to do. I really couldn’t do it without them.

Kathi: So tell us about your friends Jenna and Kyle.

Tj: Jenna has been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two daughters Kristi and Kari. She owns a café/antique store along with her mother Helen named The Antiquery. She is the best mother and the best cook in the whole world. I know that she is busy in her own right, yet somehow she is always there to help and support me when I need it most.
I only recently met Kyle but we hit it off right away. Kyle is a genius when it comes to anything computer which helps a lot in the investigations we always seem to get pulled into.

Kathi: You’ve mentioned family and friends but not a relationship of the romantic kind. What would you stay about the current state of you romantic life?

Tj: Complicated. Very, very, complicated.

Kathi: I have spoken to several of your students and they label you as the go to teacher to run to if they have a problem or need someone to talk to. What do you attribute the fact that your students seem to love you to?

Tj: I care about my students as individuals. I don’t see my job as simply to coach them in the various sports I coach, but to help them through the difficult teenage years. There are those including my boss who think that I am too close to my students and shouldn’t be quite so involved in their personal lives, but I am the sort of person who seems to have a knack for being involved in everyone’s life, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kathi: I noticed you brought your dog to this interview. Would you like to introduce him as well?

Tj: Echo is my Bernese Mountain Dog. He has been trained in search and rescue and has saved many lives during his years of service, including mine.

Kathi: He really is a beautiful dog. I wish we could continue our discussion but I’m afraid our time is up. I want to thank you for coming and sharing a bit about your life. I’m sure our readers are looking forward to learning more about you as they join you on the pages of the Paradise Lake Books.



Between volunteering for the annual pumpkin festival and coaching her girls to the state soccer finals, high school teacher Tj Jensen finds her good friend Zachary Collins dead in his favorite chair. When the handsome new deputy closes the case without so much as a “why” or “how,” Tj turns her attention from chili cook-offs and pumpkin carving to complex puzzles, prophetic riddles, and a decades-old secret she seems destined to unravel.

About the Author

Author of the Zoe Donovan cozy Mystery Series, Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mystery series, Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery Series, Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mysteries, and Seacliff High Teen Cozy Mystery Series.

Come for the murder, stay for the romance.

Kathi lives in the beautiful alpine community of Lake Tahoe with her husband Ken and dog Echo. When she’s not writing she enjoys hanging out on the beach with her children and grandchildren. During the summer she enjoys hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and sunset cruises on the lake. During the winter she enjoys cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and curling up by a fire with a good book.

Kathi uses her mountain home as inspiration for her books, all which include appearances by the wildlife she shares her life with.

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  2. Great fun interview. Love this book and series

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