Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections on 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016

New Year's Eve is always a time for looking back and looking ahead. As a writer, 2015 has been a good year and I accomplished a lot:

  • I "met" some great fellow authors and learned a lot from them through Clean Indie Reads, Rave Reviews Book Club, and twitter - their knowledge and support has been wonderful!
  • The number of followers on the blog has increased and I receive many more requests for book reviews as well as continuing to participate in blog tours
  • I changed out the covers with professional ones - thank you Victorine Lieske!
  • I finished and published the third book in the Cold Creek series - MURDER AT THE GRILL (released 11/15/2015)
  • I improved my marketing skills as evidenced by increased sales - my royalties for 2015 are more than for 2014 though I need to keep my day job
  • I became a tweeter and it amazes me how many followers I have and how many tweets I have tweeted
What do I plan for 2016?
  • I plan to continue to support my fellow indie authors on twitter, FB, and the blog
  • I have a blog tour scheduled for MURDER AT THE GRILL - Great Escapes once again - and I'm excited about that!
  • I have blog tours scheduled, but cutting back to about once per week to focus my efforts on writing
  • Book 4 of the Cold Creek series is started with hopes to complete it (draft, editing, beta readers, editing, more editing) by November 1, 2016 
  • I have an idea for a new series (young adult) and started the first -- my hope is to finish that one as well by November 2016
  • The last two mean less time gaming online and more time spent writing 

  • On a personal note, of course the usual - eat better, exercise more, and find something positive every day 
I liked the suggestion of some unknown person to write down something positive that happened each each week in the coming year and then read them all next New Year's Eve...  I'm going to give that a try!

How about you? What are your hopes and dreams for 2016? I hope it is a happy, healthy and productive 2016!

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