Friday, July 3, 2015

Book Review: TWICE AS FATAL by R Weir

Synopis (from Amazon)

Twice the business, twice the danger and Twice as Fatal. PI Jarvis Mann has two cases he is working, making his professional and personal life twice as difficult.

Ray Malone is a promising college football star whose career is derailed by injuries. When he disappears, close friend Jarvis is recruited by Ray’s father to locate him. After tracking him down a video is sent of Ray with the warning of it going public, threatening his career and those that love him.

Case two has landlord Kate Tanner hiring Jarvis to gather evidence against her cheating, thieving husband so she can divorce him. As Jarvis investigates he learns of the husband’s connection to a powerful man, with a dangerously perverted agenda that crosses into Kate’s life with deadly consequences.

Across the Rocky Mountain Front Range Jarvis tries to balance both cases, each dragging him deeper into different sleazy underworlds, jeopardizing him, his clients and their families. With danger and death all around him, he somehow must rescue everyone before this fatal business claims the lives of all involved, his life and the one he is growing to love.

Jarvis is back and his life is more complex as he tries to make his new relationship work while helping out his landlady and his friend.  He's traveling back and forth from Denver to Greeley and back, trying to find out secrets and keep secrets. One adversary has told him in graphic detail what will happen if he crosses them, but Jarvis may not be able to control all the players. 

This is the third in this series and as enjoyable as the first two! Jarvis has a good heart, but can find himself in trouble without the balancing act in TWICE AS FATAL. The plot is well developed and the pace is quick. He's on both cases because of personal relationships and still has to deal with some of the fallout from previous cases. That said, you don't have to read the books in order - this can be read as a stand alone - but why not read them all?  If easily offended, beware, there are some graphic scenes and adult content.

This is a new release and is currently only $0.99!

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