Friday, October 31, 2014

MURDER IN THE ARBORETUM : What Reviewers Are Saying

Quotes from reviews on Amazon as of 10/29/2014 - Average rating of 4.8!

"I was surprised when I found out who the murderer is, in fact that person was last on my list of suspects. Christa does a great job of keeping us guessing. I hope to be able to read and review more books from Christa."

"I read a lot of cozy mysteries and although I do enjoy the antics of many "ditsy" heroines, Sheridan is definitely not ditsy. She is a college professor with her head on her shoulders, who wants to make sure that the guilty person is the one charged with murder - and manages to put herself in danger in the process. The story line was not predicable, taking a few unexpected turns as the mystery unfolded. Definitely worth reading."

"I really enjoy the extra detail Christa puts into her books. She also makes sure to include plenty of humor. I found myself laughing out loud more than once at some of the thoughts that the characters had along the way. I am glad we were shown another side of him. I just couldn't put this one down I was hooked from the first chapter."

"The twists and turns keep you guessing as to who the murderer is. The characters are well written and the book keeps you turning pages."

"A strong female character is always a plus, and I consider Sheridan strong, intelligent, and intriguing."
"A solid plot development and well rounded characters - so that you could recognize them by their traits rather than by name - helped make the story an easy to read, enjoyable escape for a couple of hours."

"I love the small town life and the characters are painted so perfectly that I feel I know them. Trouble ensues and we are treated to drama & mystery with a bit of humor and romance thrown in."

"Dr. Hendley uses her observations of human behavior to notice those around her and their relationships to each other. She does show concern for her students and friends. She is smart and brave and you like spending time with her in her scholarly world."

Thank you kind readers for reading and writing the reviews!

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