Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: HARBOR OF LIES (Paradise Valley Mystery Series) by Debra Burroughs


The captivating romance between sassy private-eye Emily Parker and sexy police detective Colin Andrews has been filled with mystery, danger, and intrigue. He’s finally convinced her to marry him—if only they can make it to the altar unscathed. Days before the wedding, when Emily discovers a dead body outside her hotel room door, she and Colin, along with their wedding party, are drawn into another murder mystery, once more putting their love and commitment to the test. Can they solve the murder and make it to the altar before someone else winds up dead?


HARBOR OF LIES is Book 6 in the Paradise Valley Mystery Series and was released in March 2014.  This is a favorite series of mine, and this book was as good as others!  

Emily and Colin continue to be very likable, and Emily's various friends continue to provide support as she seeks to find answers - some of which inevitably involve her deceased and deceitful husband, Evan. Evan's lies continue to haunt her and make her doubt her own judgment and her decision to marry Colin.  How can she marry Colin when she imagines she sees Evan's face in the crowd or catches a scent of his aftershave?  Their love and commitment are definitely put to the test, as is at least one of Emily's friendships. Compelling read with great characters and interesting twists, not only of plot but of emotions.

***The Paradise Valley Mysteries***
The Scent of Lies: Book 1
The Heart of Lies: Book 2
The Edge of Lies: A Bridge Short Story between Books 2 and 3, the story of Evan & Emily
The Chain of Lies: Book 3
The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4
The Color of Lies: a Bridge Short Story between Books 4 and 5, the story of Colin & Miranda
The Betrayal of Lies: Book 5
The Harbor of Lies: Book 6
(*Most enjoyable if these books are read in order.)

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