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Review: BLACK CAT'S LEGACY (Black Cat Mysteries) by Elaine Faber


Thumper, the resident Fern Lake black cat, knows where the bodies are buried and it’s up to Kimberlee to decode the clues.

Kimberlee’s arrival at the Fern Lake lodge triggers the Black Cat’s Legacy. With the aid of his ancestors' memories, it’s Thumper's duty to guide Kimberlee to clues that can help solve her father's cold case murder. She joins forces with a local homicide detective and an author, also researching the murder for his next thriller novel. As the investigation ensues, Kimberlee learns more than she wants to know about her father. The murder suspects multiply, some dead and some still very much alive, but someone at the lodge will stop at nothing to hide the Fern Lake mysteries.

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Kimberlee and her daughter are set for Oregon, leaving behind a failed marriage and too many secrets.  A problem with a tire causes them to exit at Fern Lake in hopes of finding a mechanic.  Only when she is checking into the cabin at Fern Lake does Kimberlee remember that she lived in the house next door - deserted but not sold since she and her mother left after her father died.  Jack takes one look at little Amanda and sees Kimberlee when she was 3 years old - when they left Fern Lake so long ago.  

On a different mission, Brett arrives in Fern Lake to see if he can solve the cold case murder of so many years ago for his next true crime book.  He doesn't count on the many secrets that will be unveiled as he asks questions of the people who still live there, as well as of Kimberlee.  He doesn't count on falling for Kimberlee.  Thumper (Black Cat) watches it all unfold, knowing from the memories of his ancestors that this is a legacy that must be told. With its twists and turns, this was a great "by the pool" read! Looking forward to more "Black Cat Mysteries".


About Elaine Faber

Image of Elaine FaberElaine Faber's short stories have been published in magazines and multiple anthologies. She is an active member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers and Cat Writers Association.

Black Cat's Legacy is Elaine's debut fantasy cat-mystery novel, the first of a series of three involving Thumper, who solves mysteries with the aid of his ancestor's memories.

Elaine lives in Elk Grove, CA, with her husband of 51 years. (That's a marriage of 51 years, not a husband of 51 years!) They share their home with four house cats, and usually more, counting those who come to the door night and morning looking for a hand-out. Elaine's cat, Boots, is the inspiration for Thumper, the tuxedo cat in Black Cat's Legacy.

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