Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catching up! and Looking back!

Whew!  Sorry to have been absent for most of the last few weeks but with the holidays, what can I say other than Buon Natale! and Buon Anno!  As I look back over the past year, I am pretty amazed (and, yes, proud) that I was able to get the editing, beta reviews, and release done for Murder at Cold Creek College. Sales are fairly steady and I'm pleased with the responses and reviews after only 2 months.  I have to admit I really enjoyed creating Sheridan, Kim, Brett and all, though as the story unfolded, they seemed to take over.  My sense is that the same will happen with Murder at Cold Creek Arboretum.  With the first few chapters and about 25,000 words, drafted, Sheridan continues as the reluctant sleuth.  Now that Kim isn't a suspect, she is a more than willing 'side kick', still full of energy.  

On the reading side, I am still very much enjoying my kindle and reading a range of cozy mystery and romance.  It has been fun to interact, at least 'virtually' with other writers and readers.  I have to admit I am not quite sure what "New Age" or "Contemporary Romance" actually are, but maybe I will figure out as I read some of them.  My "to be read" list is pretty steep on the kindle and I have a stack of the "real" books besides.  Unfortunately, I also have a number of them yet to write reviews on. 

So other than the usual eat better, exercise more, and lose weight, what are my New Year's resolutions or goals?

  • Increase marketing for Murder at Cold Creek College
  • Finish Murder at Cold Creek Arboretum so it can be released in 2014
  • Make a dent in the "to be read" pile and the "to be reviewed" pile
  • Continue to participate in blog tours, maybe even schedule one
Speaking of Blog Tours, be sure to stop by for these already scheduled stops:
  • 1/12/14        Playing with Fire by J.J. Cook
  • 1/14/14        Passage of Crime (The Ernie Bisquets Mystery Series) including Guest Post by R. Michael Phillips
  • 2/6/14          Spider Catchers by Marilynn Larew
And do have a happy and healthy New Year 2014!!!

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