Monday, December 9, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy...

As you can likely relate, with Thanksgiving coming so late, it seems like the holidays are coming a break neck speed.  For those academics like Sheriden and her friends at Cold Creek College, this is also the crunch time for exams and papers, and holiday parties galore.  It gets to be hard to find time to read or write...  

At least one reviewer asked about a sequel... and yes, there will be a sequel - Murder at Cold Creek Arboretum.  Although I haven't had a lot of time to write in the past week or so, the first three chapters are drafted.  Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2:

“I sure did.  I have no clue why he didn’t just say it was murder to begin with.  Justin Blake was shot in the head, up close and personal.  When I let him know that I was a bit perturbed, he tried to explain it by saying that Justin had also been beat up, so it wasn’t really clear if he died from the beating or the bullet wound.”  Brett sighed again and shook his head.

I waited a few minutes, but my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked, “Has he made an arrest yet, then?”

Brett stood up and made faces like he was ready to explode.  His response dripped with sarcasm as he stated, “Well, you know, it usually is the person who finds the body, you know…”

I jumped up and yelled, “What?”

Brett snickered and said, “Yup, Officer Matthews couldn’t get Johnson to say much when he drove him to his car yesterday, but noticed Johnson seemed a bit tense and kept looking at him ‘sideways’.  The Chief was waiting on some information on Johnson before arresting him.  It seems that Clive Johnson was arrested for assault about 10 years go.  Somehow he got off with probation.  The Chief is trying to get more information.”

“But that’s ridiculous.  Just because he happened to find the body?  What about Nick?  Is he an accomplice then?” I shouted.

Brett just sighed, shook his head, and finished his beer.  “How about we eat whatever you brought home and then I’ll tell you about the rest of my day?”

Hopefully that peaked your interest a least a little...  In the meantime, the review schedule for the next couple of weeks includes:
 Sketcher in the Rye (A Portrait in Crime Series) by Sharon Pape (blog tour on 12/15/13)
 Claus of Death: A Myrtle Crumb Mystery by Gayle Trent 
 Neighbors and More: High rise Series by Mona Risk

In the meantime, if you are looking for holiday themed stories, check out Janet Rudolph's blog:  -- it is pretty impressive list even with just authors A-D!


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