Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Book Review: SWEET HEARTS (Samantha Sweet Mysteries #4) by Connie Shelton

Synopsis (from Amazon)

USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton’s most delightful cozy mystery series yet—with a little romance, a little magic and a whole lot of chocolate! With nearly 2 million books sold and downloaded in more than 110 countries, see what the fuss is all about! 

Will there be Valentine wedding bells for Samantha Sweet and Beau Cardwell? (introduced in this mystery series opener Sweet Masterpiece) Sam's bakery, Sweet's Sweets is busier than ever this Valentine week, as she struggles to replicate the magical chocolate-making techniques of the enigmatic chocolatier who boosted her winter holiday sales into the stratosphere. However, candy classes take second place to a new mystery, when Sam meets a woman whose missing son's case seems to have been dropped by the authorities. Marla Fresques learns that she is dying and needs for her son to come home and raise the daughter he left behind. Sam agrees to help, hoping that Sheriff Beau's inside connections will bring about a quick and happy resolution. 

But what about Sam's and Beau's own wedding plans? They may be in jeopardy when an entirely new development appears in the form of Beau's ex-girlfriend who is determined to win him back. With the familiar mix of cozy mystery, romance and a touch of magic that has enchanted readers of this series, Sweet Hearts draws the reader even further into the captivating world of Samantha Sweet. 


Valentine's approaching and Sam is one busy lady. Her bakery is doing great and orders for Valentine's keep coming in, along with customers asking for more of the special chocolates she had at Christmas. She also thought it would be romantic to be married on Valentine's Day and all of those details are still up in the air. The last thing she needs is to meet Marla who comes to Sam, not in search of something sweet. No, she wants Sam to find her son who went missing ten years ago. Marla has raised his daughter, Jolene, since then. Only Marla's dying and is afraid what will happen to Jolene. To top it off, Beau's ex shows up and tries to win him back. 

This is my second in the Samantha Sweet Mysteries and I enjoyed both. This is a light, fun read, with some heavier moments. It has the small town feel, most evident when Sam meets Marla's neighbors and friends. There's conflicts in relationships, a mystery to be solved, and a twist here and there. Marla's magic box comes in handy, though she's still learning how it works. Then there's the special chocolates. Oh, my.

There are 16 books in the Samantha Sweet Mysteries. I always suggest readers start at the beginning of a series. At the time of this posting, the first in the series, Sweet Masterpiece is only 99 cents (AMAZON). The full series can be found at AMAZON. Sweet Hearts Purchase Link AMAZON


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