Sunday, September 5, 2021

Book Review: DOUBLE FUDGE FELONY (Cupcake Crime Series Book 3) by Molly Maple

A new author for me...

Synopsis (from Amazon)

When Charlotte McKay's new friend is accused of murder, she will do anything to solve the crime. When Charlotte befriends Lisa Swanson, her dreams of owning a cupcake bakery finally begin to come true. 

But when a body is discovered and all signs point to Lisa being the guilty one, Charlotte doesn't know what to believe. Murder isn't the only crime that Charlotte uncovers in her quest to clear Lisa's name. When secret sins come to light, soon the plucky citizens in the small town of Sweetwater Falls don't seem quite so innocent anymore. 


Charlotte McKay's dream is to create cupcake flavors, only things haven't gone her way and she's working full time and making cupcakes in her spare time. Well, her other dream involves the Police Chief's son, Logan. Her business dream become a reality when she meets Lisa, who jots down a business plan and the older women and Charlotte's best friend, Marianne, spread the word about Charlotte's cupcakes. The hitch is that Lisa is a prime suspect in Jared's murder due to a rumor they were having an affair.

From the brown snowballs to the descriptions of the scrumptious cupcakes (I think I may have gained weight just thinking about them), this was a fun read with the killer not obvious and all the evidence against Lisa. Charlotte insists (to Logan amidst falling over and being tongue-tied) that she'll find the killer. And the more time she spends with Logan, the less clumsy and nervous she is. 

This is the third in the Cupcake Crime Series, but my first read of Molly Maple and Charlotte's cupcakes. No problem, it was easily read as a stand-alone as I'm now tempted to go back to the beginning.  If you enjoy cozy mystery, smart and entreprenurial main characters, and a side of romance, you'll enjoy this one.

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About Molly Maple 

Molly Maple believes in the magic of hot tea and the romance of rainy days. She is a fan of all desserts, but cupcakes have a special place in her heart. She spends her days searching for fresh air, and her evenings reading in front of a fireplace. Molly Maple is a pen name for USA Today bestselling fantasy author, Mary E. Twomey. Visit her online at