Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Book Review: IT'S STEELE CHRISTMAS : A Lacy Steele Christmas Novella by Vanessa Gray Bartal


Christmas is fast approaching and Lacy Steele is nowhere near ready. Not only does she not have a gift for Jason, despite several failed attempts to make one, but she volunteered to host a Christmas party she accidentally forgot to plan. As she's distracted trying to find the perfect gift for him, Jason is meanwhile immersed in a baffling mystery of his own. All over town, ugly little handmade dolls have popped up in the unlikeliest of places. No one knows if the dolls are supposed to be lovable or creepy. Worse, they all look like they were made by someone who has no idea how to knit, someone a lot like Lacy Steele. Investigating her has never been fun, and she doesn't make it easier with her cryptic hints and frequent disappearances. When the truth is finally revealed, will Jason have to make an arrest or will Christmas finally soften his law-loving heart?


This is a blast of Christmas cheer with a mystery to boot. Between Lacy and her brother, and a few friends, she manages to stay in trouble. All the while working to keep Jason from losing it as she steps a little over the legal line. Characters are great with a quirk or two. There are several "mysteries" and lots of laughs. This is one to get and read when you need a good laugh!


  1. This sounds like a great Christmas read with some mystery added.

  2. It's nice to read your review. Sounds like a good festive book.