Sunday, July 14, 2019

Book Review: NEGATIVE EXPOSURE : Killer Shots Mysteries #1 by Lisa Thomas


Wendy Fairmont needs a reset button for her life.

When she's accused of murder and loses everything, Wendy moves back to her hometown to start over. But when she suspects the stain on her neighbor's floor is blood and not spaghetti sauce, she’s sucked into an investigation that has the neighbors turning up their noses.

Not only that, but her high school enemy is now married to the small town’s sheriff, and she’s determined to make Wendy’s life miserable. All this, as well as a stray cat who seems to read her mind, makes Wendy’s fresh start more like a dead end!

Negative Exposure is the first book in the Killer Shots Mysteries. If you enjoy a whodunit with plenty of twists and turns, you'll love this clean series with its snarky humor, quirky characters, and intriguing plot.


Wendy has lots of baggage as she moves into her grandparents' home, not just in the moving van. And things are not going well, not for her or for Harold Attwood, recently deceased. Somehow the neighbors aren't quite as harmless as she remembers, and Jake is much hotter, but a bit secretive. Then, there's Cricket the cat, and her arch enemy from High School.

This was a fun read. I found myself smiling at some of the situations Wendy got herself in and at the other characters. The pace is steady with enough twists and a bit of personal angst for Wendy to keep it interesting. Adding to it all, it's not always clear who the good guys are. A good start to a cozy mystery series by Thomas. 

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